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    Ceramic insert mantle Ceramic inlay mantle ceramic composite mantle
    • MMC mantle- Ceramic insert mantle

    Thank you for your attention and support.! We have mature and advanced MMC casting technology and We can produce all kinds of wear-resisting parts of crusher by MMC casting technology. The spare parts by ceramic compound casting is high wear resistant, the life span is several times of the traditional material. Our product include: MMC-Mn - High Mn Steel matrix ceramic composite Jaw plate, Hammer, Mantle/Cone, Blow bar, Liner for Ballmill, Liner of AG/SAG. MMC-Cr - High Cr cast iron matrix Ceramic composite blow bar, Liner, Hammer, Downspout, Grinding roller and liner of vertical mill, Impeller, Liner and hammer of VSI. MMC-M - Martensite Steel matrix Ceramic composite Liner, Blow bar, Hammer, Liner of Downspout, weldability wear-resistant plate. If you are interested in MCC Wear Resistant Spare Part, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. I will supply best competitive price! and product of high quality!


    DJM 陶瓷復合圓錐破碎機備件(扎臼壁/破碎壁)技術介紹

    DJM ceramic composite cone crusher spare parts (Cone Mantles/Liner) technology introduction
    圓錐式破碎機目前廣泛使用的扎臼壁/破碎壁多是采用高錳鋼制造。在物料強烈沖擊載荷作用下,及破碎過程中的擠壓,碾磨作用,他們易出現宏觀斷裂失效,同時由于物料與他們之間有相對摩擦切削作用,這些耐磨件的磨損相當嚴重,針對這一情況,DJM 選用高錳鋼為基材的陶瓷復合材料,即扎臼壁/破碎壁的基體采用高錳鋼,同時在基體上嵌鑄具有高耐磨性的陶瓷隨形加強筋,在保持高錳鋼原有的加工硬化耐沖擊性能的同時提高了高錳鋼的耐磨強度,陶瓷復合材料扎臼壁/破碎壁的壽命約為高錳鋼扎臼壁/破碎壁的2倍以上。
    When Cone crusher works, eccentric sleeve rotates by motor through V-belt, big pulley, drive shaft, a small bevel gear, big bevel gear. crushing cone axis rotates and swing under the pressure of eccentric sleeve, make the cone sometime close to the mantle and sometimes far from it, so that the material in the ring fixed cone and fixed cone crushing cavity composed constantly under attack, squeezing and bending and breaking. After several extrusion, impact and bending, the material is crushed to the required size, and discharged from the lower part. 
    At present, cone and mantel are mostly made of high Mn steel. They will crack easily under strong impact loads, and the crushing process of extrusion, grinding effect of material. At the same time, the material has a relatively friction between them and the cutting action, so the parts wear out seriously. DJM adopts composites of high-manganese steel substrate and ceramic , namely, the base material of the cone and mantle is high Mn steel, while the cast ceramic matrix embedded with high wear resistance shaped ribs, increase the wear resistance ability while maintaining the original impact resistance of high manganese steel. The life span of ceramic composite cone and mantle is more than 2 times of the ones made of high Mn steel.
    Product include:
    High Mn Steel: Mn18Cr2-Re+Ti Mn18Cr2 Mn13 Mn13Cr2
    High Mn Steel + inlay of ZTA Ceramic particles
    Picture-5-1 High Mn ceramic composite Concave external view
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